Solo: A Star Wars Prediction about Princess Leia

In the spirit of fun internet speculation, here’s a silly thought I had yesterday that I’ve become reasonably convinced will happen in the upcoming film Solo: A Star Wars Story.

I think they will shoehorn a short moment into the film that has young Han Solo and Princess Leia come into contact. This seems dumb enough that it will happen, and here’s why.

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Padme + Queen Amidala = Padme Amidala… Huh?

Considering the ubiquity of Star Wars criticism on the internet today, I didn’t have any plans to write about it as one of the first features on this blog. Though I’m not one for nostalgia, Star Wars is something I like, and certainly holds an important place for me from my childhood. I still really like the first two films, KOTOR, and I’ll probably go to the cinema to see the new movie a few days after it’s released. However, I used to love it all.

When I saw Attack of the Clones, I was 15. Even back then, filled with a misguided and completely ignorant sense of defining-myself-through-fandom-of-thing; something really bothered me. It was probably the first time I became cognizant of dumbness in the things I’d been enjoying.

I actually went and saw Attack of the Clones three or four times at the cinema when it was released, despite not enjoying it the first time. I was desperately hoping it would get better if I watched it again…

Read on to find out if it did!

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