Mediatings.com is a growing webzone of interest! Current contributors are Tim and Adam.


Original about here:

Quick mission statement – this will be a blog about video-games, movies, TV shows and other forms of ‘media’ (get it?? ) As if there weren’t enough of those already…

What will set Mediatings.com apart? Well, let’s see what happens. This is as much a writing exercise for me as it is something with a clear view going forward. However, I certainly have some ideas about things I’d like to write about, and I’d like to involve others in this too.

Currently, my interest in media forms lie in older products that are beyond the ‘honeymoon’ or backlash phases held by┬ábig-blogger admiration and critique, and I’d like to write about and discuss the personal and cultural touchstones of these with the benefit of hindsight.