Solo: A Star Wars Prediction about Princess Leia

In the spirit of fun internet speculation, here’s a silly thought I had yesterday that I’ve become reasonably convinced will happen in the upcoming film Solo: A Star Wars Story.

I think they will shoehorn a short moment into the film that has young Han Solo and Princess Leia come into contact. This seems dumb enough that it will happen, and here’s why.


This is so stupid that it’ll probably happen

C3P0 and R2D2 have appeared in all 9 live-action Star Wars movies thus far. Notably, was their shoved-in cameo in 2016’s Rogue One. I think the film-makers’ reasons for doing this are pretty obvious. Keeping these two beloved droid characters as connecting threads through each movie reminds the fans that these are indeed “real” Stars Wars movies, despite being produced by a new studio, featuring changing casts, and increasingly unconnected stories. Furthermore, the online reactions from ‘fan communities’ (ergh… marketing-speak) to these sorts of moments leads to heavy online promotion through blogger think-pieces, vlogger hot-takes, and insane social media arguments over whether such moments honour or destroy the legacy of the franchise. Whatever that means.

So yesterday, the thought of how the film-makers’ will shoehorn Threepio and Artoo into the Han Solo movie hit me. I first asked myself what the droids could be doing at that time. Are they adventuring around the galaxy by themselves between Episodes III and IV, during which time Solo will be set? Maybe, but not likely. Consider the following; Revenge of the Sith ends with Bail Organa (Leia’s adoptive father) in possession of the two droids on a ship that look a lot like the Tantive IV, which is the ship that Leia and the two droids are on at the beginning of Star Wars (A New Hope). In Rogue One, the film that chronologically takes place immediately before Star Wars, the two droids’ cameo occurs at the Rebel base on Yavin 4, accompanying an unseen Princess Leia. This is supported by a quote from “Star Wars expert” Pablo Hidalgo in an interview for Kotaku Australia:

…Leia was actually on Yavin the whole time the Tatooine trip and Jyn Erso’s rebellion were being planned. Hidaldo said they kept Leia’s presence a secret because the movie wanted to “save the reveal,” but Leland Chee added that they added R2D2 and C3PO’s cameos as a clue.”

Source: Beth Elderkin, Kotaku Australia, (Jan 23 2017)

“The reveal” mentioned above being the CGI Carrie Fisher stuck onto the end of Rogue One.

Therefore, and until the films show us otherwise, the droids have been in the possession of the Organa family during the Episode III to IV period. So in considering that and summing all of this up, here is my prediction for a dumb moment in the Han Solo movie that will probably go a little something like this:

A humorous action moment happens near or in a busy space port involving Han Solo in some semi-roguish display. He might have just won an illegal race, or been in a fight. Maybe he has been kicked out of a bar, flying unceremoniously out of a doorway, and quickly jumping to his feet in a fluster, smoothing his clothes and saying something cocksure like “yeah, well I got somewhere better to be anyway!” Then, a shot will pan over to Threepio and Artoo who are revealed to be watching Han. Threepio will make a comment like, “Oh my, what a dreadful man! I hope that’s the last we see of him, Artoo!” and Artoo will go beep boop beep. Then, enter Jimmy Smits in a surprise Bail Organa cameo. The camera will be a medium to close-up shot of his upper body and face. He will look at Han Solo in a disapproving manner and mutter something like, “I hope my daughter never meets a scoundrel like that!” Then he’ll look over and say, “come along, Leia!”, and the camera will pan over to reveal a teenaged Princess Leia, with her trademark side-bun hairdo. She’ll be looking with wide-eyed excitement at Han as he notices, smiles and winks at her.

Alternatively, and probably more likely, is that the scene will play out mostly the same, but with the resolution that Han will notice Leia, give her a wink or a smile, but she’ll look away haughtily. He’ll look down sheepishly. The crowds will laugh and clap! The think-pieces will be written about destiny! The social-media dwellers will be screaming at each other in anger!

Thus the movie will make a billion dollars, again.

This is so stupid that it’ll probably happen. You heard it here first!

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