It’s 2018, and What’s Going on Here?

A short post for posterity.

Hitman 2018

Whoa, Happy 2018! The new Hitman is great! has not been updated for about seven months now, with my last post even earlier than that. So what’s been happening?

Around April last year, I gave notice to my employers and finished my full-time job in July. For about six years, I had been living and working (for most months of each year) in China. For the majority of that time, I’d been in coordination and leadership positions. I loved living in China, and I enjoyed most aspects of my work there. My colleagues in Australia, and my Chinese co-workers were wonderful. However, it was time to return home.

The time and logistics with my wife and I packing up and moving our life to Adelaide took up a lot of time. I’ve still been enjoying playing video games and immersing myself in the other sort-of-pop-culture-garbage that I’ve written about before on this blog, but I simply haven’t been motivated to write about anything. These days, I’m more immersed in music and dialogue production (my other hobby), and spare time has been spent in my newly put-together home recording studio, working on various projects.

I also joined a band (Priority Orange), and my old band has become active again (Across the Maelstrom)!

Adam, who has contributed excellent pieces to this blog, has been busy making waves in the political world. This is taking up most of his time, which is completely understandable. That said we did find time last year to experiment with podcast and Let’s Play recordings – nothing that made it to the public sphere, until now…

The biggest update in regards to this blog is that soon we will be hosting a podcast here. In the first week of January, Adam hosted an RPG session with myself and our friends Francis and Tom, based on the Netrunner/Android cyberpunk universe. Francis brought his new Blue Yeti microphone to test out, and with the results of the sound quality being surprisingly good, along with the excellent story spun by GM Adam, we determined to make it a public release. Admittedly it’s fairly amateur, and maybe I’m biased, but it’s been a lot of fun to listen back to.

I also made a cyberpunk-esque theme song for it 🙂

I’m not overly familiar with role playing games. I played AD&D once when I was in Germany as a teenager and fell asleep during the session. Since then, I’ve played a Castle Falkenstein campaign, which I enjoyed greatly as the focus was on shared story-telling rather than a focus on rules and strict systems. Adam ran the most recent RPG using the GURPS-Lite system, which I enjoyed for the same reason being a focus on storytelling.

Overall, while written opinion pieces on here might continue to be rare, there will be fairly consistent content being released here weekly. It’s been a lot of fun putting the RPG Podcast episodes together, and for that reason alone, I’ll be happy to partake in additional campaigns to edit and upload online.

Except we don’t have a name for it yet…

Watch this space.

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